Lilydale Falls to Wyena is now part of the North East Tasmania Rail Trail


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3 comments on “Lilydale Falls to Wyena is now part of the North East Tasmania Rail Trail”

It is lost opportunity not to make the North East railtrail Tasmania unique, different from Victoria. This was an opportunity to develop a cafe/bistro/restaurant station at Lebrina. Have a unique railtrail that attracts passing visitors and locals, holiday folk by having 6km of operational railway in the middle of the railtrail and developing the last interesting bush section and Denison Gorge BACK into a recreational park as it was up until the 1930's. The State Government stagnates with new ideas and a $18 million development would benifit the local economy. Volunteer hobby preservation railways are a failure in Tasmania, however a cooperative between local businesses and a hospitality /recreational hub including 12 overnight cabins for rail trailers at Denison Gorge. Bypass trail off the railway striaght down into the gorge.
I look at the view from Lebrina down the valley towards Mount Arthur and thing of the cafe on the hill at the Canberra Arboretum. Launceston needs an outlet out of the city. Place to have Friday, Saturday drinks. Weekend destination to takethe kids to ride through the 750m long tunnel or explore under the tree ferns along Denison River.
Blenheim New Zealand has the Wine Station, the railway station converted for wine tasting and sale of Marlborough wines.
It was a Victorian Lawyer and memberof the Light Railway Research Society that introduced railtrails to Australia (Victoria). City of Launceston and northern Tasmania Tourism keep coming up with strategic economic plans. Repetitive but don't see that to encourage new people, tertiary students, staff, academics and families you must established strong social and recreational outlets. Launceston can be socially claustrophobic. The rail trail must begin at the Launceston University Invermay precinct and go all the way to Derby. With a hospitality and recreational hub in the middle between Lebrina – Denison Gorge -Wyena.
If 6km of railway is overhauled then the Launceston and North East Railway group might just come on biard and relinquish their lease and be a participant. There is always a 'tug of war' going on in Tasmania which is detrimental to the State's economy.
So why not Lone Star Railway / Railtrail Hospitality and Recreational Hub Lebrina-Denison Gorge-Wyena as part of the Great North East Tasmania Pioneer Railtrail..

Someone needs to sort out the name for this trail for promotion and marketing. It's variously referred to as The North East Rail Trail, in line with the old railways name, The Nort East Tasmania Rail Trail and the North East Recreation Trail.

The Tasmanian Lone Star RT (after the Lone Star Rigde and gold mine Golconda)

The Great North East Tasmanian Pioneer RT

The Tasmanian Tin Dragon's Tail RT

The Great Tasmanian North East Goat Track RT. (often tefered to as the goat track by train drivers )



The Great Tasmanian Opium Poppy Pleasure Path!???

The Spud and Poppy RT

The Potato, Hop and Poppy RT

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