Locating former railway lines on the internet

Google Maps

You may remember our News Item from just over a year ago when we discussed Google Earth. In the last year many more areas of Australia have had high resolution images added allowing you to zoom right in to see an enormous amount of detail.

Recently we had a look at Google Maps and discovered that it shows all title boundaries, including that of railways! Luckily in most state governments have not rushed to sell off former railway land so most former railways are still quite visible.

While we are not sure about how up to date the information is, this could be quite useful for committees of management wanting to see the bourndaries of their rail trail or for others wanting to trace the route of former railway lines.

Property owners can of course see their title boundaries as well!

While this information has always been available by contacting councils and state government bodies, the ease with which it can now be seen makes this a news item. The ease of use is also impressive, being able to easily pan and zoom, along with the ability to change to sattelite image view.

Land Channel Victoria

In Victoria, more detail on land boundaries can be found on the Victorian government Land Channel website. As well as title boundaries it shows lot and plan numbers.

Similar services may be available on state government web sites in other states.


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