Munda Biddi Rail Trail openings (WA)

Good news for the Munda Biddi Trail! Two new sections of the Trail will be opened next week by Minister Terry Redman at official events hosted by the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC).

Nannup – Manjimup

When: Wednesday 6 July
Time: 3pm – 4pm
Where: Foreshore Park, Brockman Street in Nannup

Torbay Rail Trail

This rail trail will form part of the Munda Biddi Trail when it progresses through the area.
When: Thursday 7 July
Time: 11.15am – 12.15am
Where: Torbay Hall, Newbold Road, Torbay

All volunteers, Foundation and community members are welcome to attend these events. A community celebration hosted by the Foundation will also be held in the coming months and will include a Try the Trail style ride on the new Nannup – Manjimup section of trail. We will keep you posted as to when this event will be held.

Please RSVP to the DEC Recreation and Trails Unit on (08) 9334 0265 or via

Munda Biddi Map 5

The new Munda Biddi map which covers the length between Jarrahwood and Manjimup (110.7km) will be available as of Monday 4 July.

Pre-order your copy now via the website or by contacting the Foundation office on (08) 9481 2483.


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