New bridge at water crossing on Kilkivan to Kingaroy


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5 comments on “New bridge at water crossing on Kilkivan to Kingaroy”

What a crazy design ! Nobody is going to dismount ……… a shallow ramp at either end was all that was needed. As for the roadside posts …….. yeh they'll flex nicely as someone goes over the edge or wants to grab something firm, round steel posts with galvanized pipe(nothing sharp) would have done the trick. Strikes me this was made up of parts lying around the council depot. $283,000 – what a joke.

What ! Get it right the first time I would have thought ? Doing the right thing by your Constituents ? Tax payers where the funding no doubt would have come from ? What a JOKE !

The bridge has been a long time coming and I was very critical of there not having one. However to be fair I can see why it has been design as it has, because the bridge had to be raised above to river banks there needed to be a ramp and steps ,the ramp is to wheel the bikes up and the steps the rider uses to climb while pushing their bike up the ramp. This method is used in New Zealand on occasions and if used correctly works well .

Gympie City Council should never have approved it. If I was a GCC rate payer I'd be asking for an explanation as to why I have to pay due to their incompetence.

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