New England Rail Trail needs your support


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There are two petitions – one for residents of New England which is titled Support the New England Rail Trail and one for all other supporters of our new trail titled Get Behind the New England Rail trail. We had to have a local one as evidence of local resident support. Both petitions will be given to Armidale Regional Council. We are hoping that the amendment to delay construction will be overturned at their meeting on 13th May. Local support has been phenomenal – 4000 signatures in four days. Please share the Get Behind… petition on your FB/Instagram pages so we can build the numbers to demonstrate national support. Check the location box as it defaults to other towns. uses donations to promote the petition more widely. You can skip that bit.

Donated! This is such a great idea to revitalise all the abandoned railways across this country for tourism, which brings in far more money to local communities than mining/ military activities in every case. is definitely NOT a scam, unlike the Murdoch newspapers and their online sites.

Rail Trail Cycleways / Walkways – Providing a safe and exciting experience for all ages. I strongly support the introduction of Rail Trail Cycleways.

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