Northern Rivers Rail Trail Moving Ahead


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5 comments on “Northern Rivers Rail Trail Moving Ahead”

Don't know about Queensland Railtrails but here in Vic there are measures like chicanes in place and gates to get through, as for people entering private properties, it depends on how well they have fenced off the properties, and it would not be any of the cyclists riding through, as far as i know most cyclists respect people's privacy and property.

Those issues are similar to any shared path , such as the nearby Tweed Coast path. You do get occasional illegal users but studies show its not a major issue – I'm at home most of the time and it's only been two or three motorbikes in six years on the Ballina Heights shared paths near my place in Ballina. Crime data show passive surveillance by passing pedestrians and cyclists reduces the risk of crime, including trespass, but of course it's important to keep properties fenced , as I do.

How long have there been public footpaths in the UK? Quite a few centuries I think. Time for all Australians to welcome rail trails and other initiatives designed to encourage healthy activity to counter our sedentary modern lifestyle.

This is excellent news! The Northern Rivers Rail Trail has the potential to spark a boom in bicycle activity across the region. Can't wait for its completion!

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