NSW continues to campaign for establishment of rail trails

RT4 NSW will be holding a workshop in Sydney on 26th August.  Delegates from the identified 17 potential rail trails have all been invited , as well as council representatives.
The theme for the day will be “Making it Happen“ and it is a practical workshop focused on several key objectives;
1. Reinforcing our determination with the Ministers for Tourism and Transport in NSW
2. Creating a working relationship with Destination NSW
3. Assisting local Rail Trail teams, through
4. Examining ways to build your local Rail Trail team
5. Looking at handling objections to Rail Trails
6. Learning about RT feasibility studies and detailed development plans
7. Examining an RT ‘Application Form’ developed for NSW RTs
RT4NSW Co-Ordinator John Moore said “Following our successful launch at NSW Parliament House in March we have consolidated our networks with Ministers and Members of Parliament, established Coordinators for some of the various Rail Trail proposals around the State and numerous other activities. We are now pleased to assist committed Rail Trail supporters with this day of practical learning. The timing is right to build on the “first” with Rail Trails being mentioned in the State Budget. This is wonderful recognition of the benefits of Rail Trails for regional areas and the State. Like the March launch we want to make the most of the day as another like this will not be run again. Apart from the formal sessions it will be a great chance to network with other RT Teams for future plans and tourism opportunities”.



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