Opening of Bellarine Peninsular Railtrail

On Saturday 12 February 2000, the 16 km section of railtrail between Queenscliff and Drysdale was officially opened. This section runs parallel with the Bellarine Peninsula Tourist Railway. It connects up with the existing 11 km of trail from Drysdale to Moolap. Work is also progressing on the section of the trail from Moolap to Geelong.

Cyclists starting the ride from Queenscliff. The railway station is in the background. Photo credit: Alexander McCooke

The official opening of the trail was performed by the Hon. Sherryl Garbutt MP who is the Minister for Environment and Conservation. Jon Faine (3LO Morning Presenter) is the trail’s Patron and also spoke at the opening.

The opening was well attended and a special train from Queenscliff to Drysdale was run allowing walkers and cyclists to do shorter walks/rides. Goods trucks were attached to the train to carry bikes. Unfortunately rain set in soon after the start of the walk/ride and most people were rather wet by the time they reached Drysdale.

The train was double-headed because of the large number of passengers. The trucks carrying bicycles are partly obscured by the bushes in the foreground. Photo credit: Alexander McCooke

Plans are in place for revegetation, rest areas and improved signage. Signage is not yet complete so there may be a few spots where the trail is a little hard to follow and there are a few short on-road stretches, but otherwise the trail offers a wonderful 27+ km walk or ride on the Peninsular.


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