Opportunity for rail trails from Western Australia’s Rail Heritage

We are always on the look out for interesting information relating to our country’s rail history.  Here is some interesting information from Western Australia.

We have recently come across a fascinating map. It is a diagrammatic sketch showing the vast extent of WA’s railway network in 1922 (inclusive of private sidings and timber tramways).

If you would like to view the high resolution map below in more detail, please click on this link.

While many regional lines have since fallen into disuse, a number of local governments and community groups have been steadily transforming certain closed and disused corridors into an amazing network of Rail Trails.

In addition to providing safe and accessible trails for walkers, cyclists and horse-riders, Rail Trails help facilitate regional economic development and preserve important corridors of remnant native bush land.

If you are interested in learning more about WA’s Rail Trails we encourage you to visit the Rail Trails Australia website or contact our WA representative for Rail Trails Australia at wa@railtrails.org.au

1922 Rail Map News Item
Rail freight diagram of Western Australia (1922). Map courtesy of Trove (National Library of Australia) and WAMRC.

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