Putting Rail Trails on Google Maps

Volunteers from Rail Trails Australia have been busy adding rail trails to Google Maps over the last few months. This is mainly in Victoria, which has the most developed system in Australia with 800km. We are now training up our volunteer representatives for other states to add their rail trails.

Rail Trails Australia uses Google Maps as the base for our website trail descriptions but the rail trails are overlaid and only viewable on our website. Putting them directly on to Google Maps enables us to further share our knowledge of some of the best walking and riding facilities in Victoria (and Australia) with millions of map users across Australia and the world.

We are in a good position to do this work as the national body for rail trails. Our volunteers regularly use the rail trails and are in contact with the rail trail managers. We will seek to ensure that rail trails are accurately and consistently identified, and kept up to date on Google Maps as the rail trail network continues to improve and develop throughout Australia.

This work has been assisted by Google who like to see their products benefitting the community. Google are also looking to promote our work with media, which will help promote the many health, economic and environmental benefits to the community rail trails provide.

In Victoria we have significantly assisted or entirely mapped the following rail trails (listed generally by length open):

  • Goulburn River High Country
  • Murray to Mountains
  • East Gippsland
  • High Country
  • Gippsland Plains
  • Lilydale-Warburton
  • Bellarine
  • Camperdown – Timboon
  • Old Beechy
  • Bass Coast
  • Red Hill
  • Yarram-Port Albert aka Tarra Trail aka Great Southern.

HINT: If using Google Maps make sure the “Bicycling” label is turned on at the top right corner to make the rail trails stand out.

Victoria Rail Trails Google 2013-02 NE


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