Rail Trail Community Grants for 2018-19

Rail Trails Australia (RTA) is a predominantly volunteer, not-for-profit, organisation which works for the development and promotion of a rail trail network Australia-wide.

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Friends of the Bendigo Kilmore Rail Trail hard at work on the O’Keefe Rail Trail in Victoria

Community organisations (also predominantly volunteer) are critical to the establishment and success of many of Australia’s rail trails and undertake an enormous amount of work to improve the experience of users on rail trails.

After many years of merchandise sales, RTA is now pleased to be able to run a small grants program to support community organisations undertaking activities that are aligned with RTA’s work. This is the first year that grants have been offered by RTA.

Grants are up to $1000 per rail trail. Up to $5,000 will be allocated for 2018-19.

Applications close on Friday 3rd August 2018.

The objectives of the grant program are to:

  • Support and foster community involvement in the development and promotion of rail trails across Australia
  • Contribute to the physical improvement of rail trails, including improving access to rail trails by all members of the community
  • Increase the usage of rail trails
  • Enable the community to better understand and appreciate rail trails; the environmental, cultural and historical values of individual rail trails and their surrounds

Community organisations can apply for a grant uo to $1000. Funding applications must be for activities that is expected to achieve one or more of the following:

  1. Increase appreciation and understanding of the rail trail, its history and/or surrounds – e.g. artwork, interpretative signage, information (digital and/or print)
  2. Mechanisms to measure and report on rail trail usage
  3. Improve accessibility – particularly for less able users
  4. Engage new users, local or otherwise – e.g. special event
  5. Improve maintenance that facilitates use e.g. Equipment
  6. Improve the environment on a rail trail – e.g. revegetation, habitat improvement
  7. Promote the rail trail

Click here to download an application form (PDF). (It will open in Google Drive, download from the top right corner)

Click here to download an editable application form (Word). (It will open in Google Drive, download from the top right corner)


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