Rail Trails Australia Teams up with Vote4Cycling

We’ve joined other cycling organisations around Australia in Vote4Cycling. During this federal election, each candidate’s policies on cycling infrastructure, and other public statements will be posted to the site to help voters choose. If you’d like to see more trails developed, encourage your local federal candidates to add their views!

Vote4Cycling has 6 main objectives and Rail Trails Austrlaia will focus on the fourth objective, the development of regional infrastructure for local and tourist use. The full list of objectives is described in further detail in the National Statement which can be found on the Vote4Cycling website.

The Objectives are:

  1. Stimulate the growth in walking and riding to school
  2. Upgrade infrastructure on proven urban bicycle corridors
  3. Develop recreational bicycle and walking paths
  4. Develop regional infrastructure for local and tourist use
  5. Leverage Commonwealth infrastructure projects to lift the level of riding
  6. Foster better road user behaviour.

You can find out more about Vote4Cycling through the usual channels:

The official Website: www.vote4cycling.com.au,

Twitter: Follow the official #vote4cycling hashtag on twitter, and/or follow @vote4cycling. When tweeting, make sure you use the Twitter handle in your tweets – this is really important to drive the traffic to the site and Twitter. We will re-tweet all your tweets incorporating that handle.

Facebook: Like the vote4Cycling Facebook page to join in the discussions. Search for vote4cycling in Facebook.

So please get on board and make sure cycling infrastructure is given the high priority it deserves. It’s great for the environment.


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