Rail Trails of Victoria Guide has been updated

Guide2020 cover for webRail Trails Australia (RTA) is very pleased to advise that the Rail Trails of Victoria Guide has been updated to cover new rail trail developments.

The main changes have been related to improvements on the Outer Circle, Yarra Valley and High Country Rail Trails. As always this “quick” update took more work than anticipated!


RTA has made this updated edition (2020) available to all existing purchasers of the 2016 book. You can download this new version if you have not exceeded your six download limit. RTA would welcome those downloading an update to make a donation (which you can do from the RTA Homepage).

To obtain the updated edition, log into the RTA website and go to “Your Profile” below the logo (next to “Contact Us”). Then go to “My Orders” and select “Downloads”. You should then be able to select the Rail Trails of Victoria Guide to download onto your computer or other devices.

As per the 2020-2022 RTA Strategy we are looking at making this edition available in print and also a major revision, along with producing guides for other states, but that will be towards the end of the year.



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