Railtrails at the Melbourne Bicycle Show

Railtrails were well represented at the bike show in Melbourne with almost half of the “community” section of the show taken by railtrails.

In addition to Railtrails Australia who were selling guide books and giving out brochures, there were stands from the Murray to the Mountains, Bass Coast and Moe to Yallourn trails. There were also representatives from the Great Southern and East Gippsland Trails at the show.

A lot of people took the opportunity to find out more about railtrails.

Planing is under way for a next year’s bike show in Sydney.

Railtrail brochures were very popular. Photo credit: Alexander McCooke
A lot of people visited the Railtrails Australia stand. The Murray to the Mountains and Bass Coast stands can be seen in the background. Photo credit: Alexander McCooke

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