Ride for Research 2024


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This ride is being organised by a group of us from around Australia. All donations over $2 are tax deductible. All money goes into the research being conducted by the Hudson Institute in Melbourne on this insidious disease. We intend to make this a biennial event with the emphasis on not just challenging riding for a cause, but also to raise awareness of this little known cancer that affects so many women. And we aim to do this in a fun and inclusive event that caters for all types of riders and all levels of fitness.

As a member of Rail Trails Australia, I also know how investment into rail trails is transforming, for the better, the communities on those trails. That is why Ride4Research in Rare Ovarian Cancer Inc. is aiming to focus on rides associated with our rail trails, and the communities along those trails. This ensures that not only are we able to raise funds and awareness about Rare Ovarian Cancer, but the communities that support us also benefit.

So if you have a few spare dollars, make a donation at https://www.rocinc.org.au/ride-for-research-riders/

Stay upright and have fun.

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