Riding on the wonderful Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail

As we moved towards the end of Autumn, there have been some absolutely perfect days for getting out on the rail trails — it is okay to do this now in most states across Australia.

One quite beautiful rail trail is the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail not far from the city of Melbourne. Last weekend RTA president Damian McCrohan joined hundreds of walkers and bike riders, and several horse riders, using the well maintained rail trail through great scenery and towns.

Car parks were busy (eg. Woori Yallock had over sixty cars) as people took advantage of capturing the last of the Autumn colours in this area. Businesses reopening also were benefitting from all the visitors.

Here are a few photos to inspire you to get on our wonderful rail trails. (More in the description gallery)

V13 512 Warburton 2020 05 0650

V13 311 Woori Yallock 2020 05 30 142614 car park
One third of the car park at the Woori Yallock station Hub


V13 361 Launching Place 2020 05 30 135302 Walkers
Walkers at Launching Place


V13 429 Wesburn 2020 05 0657
Riders cruising at Wesburn
V13 512 Warburton 2020 05 30 112944 ECONOMY
A quiet moment at Warburton with many more people around except when photo taken!.




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