Second Public Meeting for Beaudesert to Bethania Rail Trail Proposal (Qld)

A public meeting will be held at 3.00pm on Sunday, 5th April to continue the work of establishing a rail trail along the former 43km Beaudesert-Bethania railway line for cyclists, walkers and horse riders. A horse trail could run alongside the cycling and walking trail.

The Beaudesert to Bethania Rail Trail Support Group provide the follwoing invitation.

    • We have pleasure inviting you to attend a meeting to discuss the proposed Beaudesert to Bethania Rail Trail at 3.00pm on Sunday, 5th April at the Lions Hall, Wharf Street, Logan Village. The meeting venue is just up the road from the old railway line so is convenient for viewing the rail corridor. Invitations are being sent to Logan City Mayor and Councillors, Brisbane City Mayor and Councillors, State and Federal government members, representatives, and relevant staff. The media has also been invited.

A meeting was held in Beaudesert on 1st February, 2009 to gauge community interest in the proposed rail trail. Thirty people attended and forty apologies were recorded. Many letters and phone calls of support were received. Those who initiated the meeting have been overwhelmed by the strong level of community support and enthusiasm for the rail trail.

The Support Group is seeking to encourage Council to develop the disused Beaudesert to Bethania rail corridor into a rail trail to be used by cyclists, walkers and horse riders. A horse trail would run alongside the cycling and walking trail. Scenic Rim Regional Council has acquired a lease on the rail corridor from Beaudesert to the Shire’s northern boundary. The support group would encourage Logan City Council and/or Brisbane City Council to secure a lease on the rail corridor from Scenic Rim Council’s northern boundary to Bethania, and to work with Scenic Rim Regional Council to develop the rail trail as part of the Cycle Network Program for South East Queensland.

A rail trail would be a great asset for our communities providing a valuable link between city and country. It would provide a means of commuting for cyclists, and recreational riding and walking for families in a safe, pleasant environment away from the hazards of traffic. The health, fitness and social benefits from these activities are well recognised, and children could cycle to school in relative safety. A rail trail has enormous potential to encourage tourists and to open up opportunities for small business such as accommodation, bicycle hire, sales and repairs, restaurants, cafes, sightseeing tours and any number of attractions and activities of interest to visitors. A good source of information on rail trails is at

With the rail trail serving the Scenic Rim, Logan City and Brisbane areas, the support group would propose to work with Council to bring the rail trail to fruition and to assist with ongoing promotion and maintenance once the rail trail is established.

The Beaudesert to Bethania Rail Trail Support Group hopes that you will be able to attend on 5th April to meet with rail trail supporters, and to respond to the rail trail proposal. We appreciate your involvement and look forward to meeting with you.

Please let us know if you will be attending.

The interest and support, especially of local people, is needed to get this project under way and to make the rail trail a reality for the community.

Please email or call if you will be attending

    • Trevor & Janette Tomkins

Aspects Consulting Services

14B Jane St, Beaudesert. Qld 4285

(07) 5541 1376

Mob. 0411 124 409

Email –


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