Southern Flinders Rail Trail extension to Booleroo Centre officially opened

Turning the first sod to start construction of the Booleroo to Stone Hut section of the Southern Flinders Rail Trail

The Hon David Spiers MP and the Hon Dan van Holst Pellekaan MP, with assistance from the Mayor Philip Heaslip of Mount Remarkable Council, officially opened the Melrose to Booleroo Centre section of the Southern Flinders Rail Trail in South Australia on Friday 17 September.

This 17km section increases the length of the Southern Flinders Rail Trail to 39km. The new trail section crosses four creeks as it moves through open farmland. Catering for bike riders of all ages and skill levels, the rail trail is both a great tourist attraction and a recreational facility for the local community.

Shortly after the opening of the Melrose to Booleroo Centre section, the first sod was turned to commence work on the Booleroo Centre to Stone Hut section of the rail trail, a distance of 25km. When combined with existing small sections of rail trail at Wirrabara, Stone Hut & Laura the total length of the trail will be 78km.


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3 comments on “Southern Flinders Rail Trail extension to Booleroo Centre officially opened”

Enjoyed the ride from Booleroo to Melrose and back 03/10/21. Love the crossing ramps, scenery was great. In time a few more way marker / distance signs will be good and sitting bench over looking the big Creek would be good. Some pipes to raise the track level at the big Creek would be wise – otherwise even small flows will tear the gravel away leaving a mud slurry. A couple of guidance signs to start the trail from the excellent rail paraphernalia park adjacent the big Silo at Booleroo might be good too. Yes the trail was a bit wavy in places – (wondered if gravel was laid over sleepers)but not really a problem with MTB hardtails. Anyway full marks to the local Council for just getting on and doing it.

We love this area and the new trails take one through amazing scenery. However, the trails are very bumpy. We found the Melrose to Booleroo trail wearing on the body. Later, we found out that the sleepers were left in place. This appears to be a problem now the crusher dust has settled. Honestly, we'd not return to ride the trail until this is rectified and sure others will feel the same. For the record, we wonder if the crew from Pichi Ricci railway would like the sleepers. They need many to keep their engines running. Just a thought. Regards, Jac and Robyn

Thanks for your feedback David, Jac & Robyn
I rode the trail and noticed the even 'corrugations' in the trail that you referred to. The high points definitely match the location of the sleepers. I spoke to a contractor on site and he explained that the sleepers were removed but the thin layer of fine gravel didn't cover the difference in compaction between the area under sleepers (over one hundred years of compaction) and the lower compacted gap between sleepers. As a result you experience a wavy or corrugated ride. I understand that they are looking at regrading and compacting to overcome the problem. The path is open but they still have additional work to do in relation to signage and creek crossings. Great scenery and an enjoyable ride

Regards Mark Draper – Rail Trails Australia

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