Tasmanian Railtrail Update

Montezuma Falls Railtrail

The North East Dundas Tramway once provided access to the mining town of Williamsford, passing on a high trestle bridge past the Montezuma Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in the state. Today this is a popular walking and 4WD track.

Work has started on upgrading the 5 km trail from Williamsford to the falls. This involves the upgrading of this section of the trail with the provision of a new foot bridge across a river crossing and a bridge across the falls themselves to replace the now collapsed railway bridge.

Although intended primarily for walkers it is expected that these bridges will also be usable by cyclists.

Tasmanian Trail Descriptions

An article on trails on the west coast is being prepared for the Railtrails Australia newsletter. Tasmania Trail descriptions will also be added to the web site soon.


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