Temporary changes to the Coast to Vines Rail Trail (SA)

Map of Detour between Lynton Terrace and Seaford Road

Works to be undertaken at this time include the construction of a road bridge at Goldsmith Drive and drainage works in the rail corridor between Lynton Terrace and Seaford Road.

As a result of the drainage works, the Coast to Vines Trail in this area will be temporarily detoured from late March –September 2010.

The trail will be detoured from Lynton Terrace where it will follow a temporary sealed path which will then link into Farrow Court. The path will continue all the way along Farrow Court, cross Seaford Road and link back into the Coast to Vines Trail just north of Seaford Road.

On-site signage outlining these changes in access will be installed along the route to provide information to users of the trail.

Please contact the project information line on 1800 791 883 or email: dtei.seafordrailextension@sa.gov.au if you have any questions.

See the Coast To Vines trail description for more details of the trail.


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