The Coonawarra Rail Trail is taking shape


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4 comments on “The Coonawarra Rail Trail is taking shape”

I do not understand why the Rails have been retained. I for one have come off my Bike whilst traversing wet steel surfaces and it seems obvious to me that wear will soon expose sections of the Steel Rail. I would not like to be the owner of the Trail as there are likely to be numerous injury claims in the future.

Thanks for your comment Edward. I have asked the Minister why retention of the rails and sleepers is a condition of the licence of the rail corridor to the Council. As yet, I have not received a reply and I may not, given that we are approaching an election. I have pointed out the risks involved to the Council and they are doing all they can to minimise the risk. Unfortunately there is little that can be done and the risk will be ever present and will grow as the path ages. I will raise the issue with the Minister again once the election has been determined.

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