Trail Managers

Access Rights

The “Trail Manager” group in Rail Trail Australia’s Joomla website editor will contain the general committee as members who can create and edit news items and trail descriptions.

As a side effect they can also edit the menus, sections and categories although this is not the intention.

Along the top of the Joomla screen are the following menus:

  • Site,
  • Menus,
  • Content
  • Components
  • Extensions
  • Tools
  • Help

It seems that anyone with access to the backend automatically gets access to everything under the Site, Menus and Content menus and this access cannot be revoked. Only access to the contents of the Components menu can be modified for a given group. Trail Managers have access to thhe following entries under the COmponents menu.

Joomla appears to allow access to all articles or none, regardless of section. Ideally we want to allow access to create, edit and publish only those articles with the section “News”. This may not be possible.

it seems that publishing rights are separate from creating and editing rights. Do we want to take advantage of this? Ie. let some people create articles but not publish them? Articles need to be approved by a publisher before going live? More on tihs later.

Trail Managers should not attempt to modify the “Menu” menu. There seems to be a bug in Joomla (or our configuraiton of it) that prevents the user getting out once in, due to the permissions. You need to go back to the browser’s address bar and chop off everything to the right of ““.

In Short

Trail Managers should only access the menus:

  • Components -> Rail Trails -> Trails or Categories
  • Article Manager for News items and then only for articles in the News Section.
  • Online Shop (Valuemart)

Do we need another group for people with publishing rights but not Super Admin rights? Or would SuperAdmins do this? i’m thinking of perhaps Frank who might want publishing rights but not necessarily full admin access to the rest of the site.

Please provide comments here so we can exercise the features.

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