Upper Blue Mountains Rail Trail (NSW)

Support for the Upper Blue Mountains Rail Trail is gaining momentum. The report below appeared in the Blue Mountains Gazette of Wednesday 9 May 2001.

Call for cycle/rail trail

A designated track could he set aside for cyclists between Mount Victoria and Katoomba following council’s approval to receive a feasibility report on the idea following the May 1 council meeting.

The idea, raised in a notice of motion by Ward One councillor Terri Hamilton, came about following a petition signed by 914 people supporting the construction and development of a cycle rail trail in the Upper Blue Mountains.

“I have been presented with a petition signed by 914 people supporting the construction of a cycle trail” Clr Hamilton said.

The trail already exists. What is required is legal access to the area, upgrading of the trail acid public awareness of its existence.

“Council could form a useful and productive partnership with the Slate Government, who is actively encouraging cycling as a viable means of transport though its Action for Bikes – Bike Plan 2010,” she said.

Among the reasons given in the petition for a cycle trail were: The environmentally friendly nature of cycling, health benefits to the community, a link for the youth between towns, the attraction of tourists and increased safety for cyclists who presently use the Great Western Highway.

The cycle rail trail is planned to follow existing dirt tracks along the railway line between Katoomba and Mount Victoria with the possibility of extending the track to Lawson.

A submission is currently being considered by the State Transport Minister Carl Scully. Additionally, there has been interest by some cyclists in the Lower Blue Mountains advocating a cycle track along the old Zig Zags near Glenbrook.

Information curtesy of Martin Krause (mkrause@acay.com.au).


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