Warburton Rail Trail Bridge – Final Stages of Construction (VIC)

Warburton Trail bridge centre Span under construction in a nearby truck-stop. Photo credit: Rick Puts

In a borrowed truck-stop beside a rural highway, propped up on stands, sits the centre span of the new bridge deck, patiently awaiting installation. A mobile electronic sign says the truck-stop will be closed until the 8th of December, however we’ve been reliably informed the bridge will be installed in three stages with the centre span installed in “mid December”, following the placement of the northern span in “early December”. The southern span won’t make it in place until early in the new year. At this stage we can only hope the bridge will be open for use before the end of the school holidays.

If you wish to view the installation of the bridge spans and perhaps take some snaps, feel free but please keep clear of the construction site. The northern and southern spans could be installed at any time of the week but the centre span is most likely to be installed during a weekend with a closure of the highway.


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