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Trail Survey

A group of students from Swinburne University are conducting a survey of trail usage and economic impact on behalf of the Warburton Trail Committee. The students are surveying 68 business organisations in the area and conducting a survey of users on the trail. It is planned to perform a more extensive user survey later in the year when the weather improves. To our knowledge this is the first such survey conducted on a railtrail in Australia. The findings from the survey should be of major benefit in future funding applications and trail advocacy.

Mt. Lilydale College

The sports fields of Mt. Lilydale College currency occupy the former railway alignment between The Warburton Highway and Lilydale. No progress has been made on this issue to date. The Committee of Management has requested a meeting with the Minister.

Friends Group

The Friends of the Warburton Trail hold regular working bees along the trail. Recently they have been planting trees and mulching in the Killara area. If you would like to help, contact Arthur Francis, 03 9725 7074.

… Based on Friends of the Warburton Trail newsletter.


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