Funding for the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail

Victorian Deputy Premier Peter Ryan, announced that $105,000 from RDV would be provided to Wellington Council to upgrade the trail from McKinnons Road Tinamba to Heyfield, and a new section from Heyfield to Dawson.  A further $10,000 has been sourced from the Gippsland Plains Rail Trail, and $11,000 was donated by the Bendigo Community Bank in Heyfield.

The committee of management is still waiting for Boggy Creek flood recovery funds to finish the section. The section from Dawson to Cowwarr has been signposted from the trail to the road until funds can be found for the Thomson River crossing. The section from Cowwarr to Glengarry is finished, and tenders are currently putting being put out  to complete the Latrobe River Bridge and the trail from Glengarry into Traralgon. The timing of the project is still uncertain, but it is expected to be complete by June 2014.

Click here for Gippsland Plains Rail Trail map and description

V23-109 Cowwarr 2013-04 Wellington Friendly Riders near Cowwarr 2
The Wellington Friendly Riders enjoying recently upgraded surface near Cowwarr

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