Lockington to Kotta Rail Trail – One train whistle closer


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2 comments on “Lockington to Kotta Rail Trail – One train whistle closer”

Hey Guys. You do a great job with the newsletter and news updates. However, now that we are Australia-wide, I think it is important that you remember to include reference to the STATE in which each trail is located when you do an article about them, even if it is a preview reference. I am pretty good with Victorian geography and both former and current railway lines. However I was puzzled by the 'Lockington to Kotta' heading. Was it Victoria's Lockington, I wondered, and I certainly have never heard of a branch line going elsewhere. Eventually I found reference to 'VicTrack' which saved me having to Google 'Kotta' to find it. It's not the first article I have read and wondered where the trail was located. Just a suggestion. Brian Mier.

I agree. I have traveled a fair bit of Australia and am reasonably aware of locations. But those two places had me bushed. It is great to know that they are in Victoria. I hope to visit there next year and do some rail trail touring, wind weather and Covid permitting.
Of course Beechworth will be included! Who could resist that bakery to provide the energy needed for a good, long ride!

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