Safer route for Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail users

Artist’s impression of refurbish Lilydale Railway Station after level-crossing removal project 2021 with shared path to start of Warburton Rail Trail and Yarra Valley Trail. Digital image LXRA (2021)

Walkers and cyclists heading out on Victoria’s popular Warburton Rail Trail will have a safer route from Lilydale Railway Station when that town’s level-crossing removal project is completed later this year. Previously, trail users arriving at the station had to navigate their way through the carpark to find the start of the Warby and Yarra Valley trails.

As part of the Lilydale redevelopment, an elevated station is being built on the other side of the Maroondah Highway but a new, 3m wide shared path will lead north-east from there, past the refurbished heritage station building and along the outside of the revamped carpark to the existing trailhead on the boundary with  Lilydale Recreation Reserve. The Level Crossing Removal Authority has not seen fit to extend the shared path further north through the railyard as it remains a train stabling area.

There is a proposal to build a rail-side path south from the new station (on the left in the LXRA plan) as far as Hull Road, Lilydale, which would make life easier for masochists who want to ride or walk the 50km from Melbourne on shared paths to the start of the two rail trails, but this also is not part of the current works.


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