Amy Gillet Rail Trail – A Koala friendly trail

In December 2019 a bushfire spread through the hills and valleys around the Amy Gillett Rail Trail (South Australia) resulting in the loss of life and substantial damage to property and vegetation.

Fortunately, only one small section of the rail trail was affected by the bushfire; however, as you cycle along the trail, you notice that the heavily wooded land on the top of the ranges either side of the valley has been burnt out.

The loss of substantial woodland habitat has an impact on the local wildlife, so it was not that surprising to find a koala and her baby in a small tree right on the edge of the rail trail. Even nosy cyclists wanting a photo didn’t disturb mum and baby as they were obviously content with a good food supply and a bit of shade.

Hopefully Mum and baby will soon be able make their way back to the ranges.

Photos by Mark Draper, RTA Regional Rep for South Australia



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