Dookie Rail Trail Official Launch

Peter McManus, DRT Coordinator, at the Lemnos/Cosgrove Rd Intersection… the proposed end of Stage 2. Photo credit: Friends of Dookie Rail Trail

The Opening

It’s official! The Dookie Rail Trail’s Official Launch will be held on Friday, 4th November, 2011 at 6pm and will tie in with the Greater Shepparton City Council’s ‘Dookie Community Stroll’.

We hope to see lots of families and interested people come to Dookie, witness the Launch, enjoy a walk and see what our great community has to offer… it will be a fun night with free BBQ, film night and lots more!

The Proposed Extension

Planning for Stage 2 of the Dookie Rail Trail from Dookie to Cosgrove is currently in progress. This 6.7km extension will continue from the existing start point in Dookie near the Dookie Gladstone Hotel and follow the existing railway line south-west towards the Lenmos / Cosgrove Rds intersection near the Cosgrove Gold course.

Members of the Dookie Rail Trail committee have had very positive discussions with the Greater Shepparton City Council and hope to begin work on Stage 2 by 2012.

For more information about the Dookie Rail Trail please see our Dookie Rail Trail Description.


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