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Rosstown Railway Heritage Trail - Trail Description



Rosstown Railway Heritage Trail

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Type: Heritage route
Location: Southern Melbourne suburbs, 9km from Melbourne
Start/end: Hughesdale to Elsternwick
Status: Open
Length open: 7km
Surface: Sealed
Terrain: Flat
Public transport: Train, Bus
Contact Region: Melbourne, Yarra Valley, Geelong, Bellarine & Mornington Peninsulas
The trail beside the railway line at Oakleigh (2005)
The trail beside the railway line at Oakleigh (2005)
Suitable for walking Suitable for cycling mountain bikes Suitable for cycling touring hybrid bikes Suitable for wheelchairs Suitable for prams Suitable for scooters in line skates Suitable for following by car



Mainly one for those interested in history. The trail is a marked on- and off-road heritage route following a private railway that ran just one train in 1888.

The responsible body is the City of Glen Eira who have produced a very informative brochure (see links below). The council has also put quite ornate interpretive signs along the route in the footpaths.

For more information on this trail see the book Rail Trails of Victoria and South Australia.


The Arts and Culture team provides community information for the Rosstown Rail Trail, brochure link here

To report any maintenance issues, please email or call 9524 3333

January 2020

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12 January , 2020 by Southey

January 2020 by RCAS: a pleasant enough ride, but starting from Oakleigh Station we found the signage inadequate and confusing. Indeed, riding east to west, we did not see a clear Rosstown Railway Heritage Trail sign until the corner of Rosanna and Lascelles Streets. From there on, the ride was reasonably straightforward; but whoever is responsible for the Oakleigh half appears to be discouraging cyclists.

11 March , 2019 by

10/27. Rosstown Railway Heritage Trail done. Number 10 and the 1st urban Railtrail completed on my quest to ride every one in my 30th anniversary of my liver transplant. This former railroad with an interesting history only ever had 1 train use it, and I will do the same as there is no reason why anyone would want to come back and do it again. It is generally on-road, mainly on quiet suburban streets through City of GlenEeira but with numerous main road crossings. I had a few issues with the signage, but I took the map from the RailTrails booklet and that helped. I didn't notice a beginning or end either. Tick! Move on. 8km.

27 April , 2015 by cascho

I rode this trail yesterday (April 26th 2015) from Hughesdale to Elsternwick and back. I really enjoyed it. I was surprised that it is so well signed posted – was expecting minimal signage, but it was completely the opposite. It was very hard to get lost on this trail. Only one confusing part was going under the Frankston trail line to E E Gunn Reserve. Going through the backstreets of Ormond, Caulfield South and Carnegie was really interesting – parts of Melbourne I rarely visit. The biggest issue I had was all of the parked cars on both sides of the roads meant in places only a single line of traffic could get through – especially in Dover St and Oakleigh Rd – so I was forced to wait for cars to go through. However, car drivers didn’t show me the same courtesy and there were a number of times I was forced into parked cars when 4WD drivers though they could squeeze through at the same time without waiting to let me pass.

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