NSW needs more rail trails


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3 comments on “NSW needs more rail trails”

The success of established Rail Trails, speak for the potential repurposeing forgotten rail tracks. Why not make use of this resourse?

We have ridden several rail trails in Victoria, SA and the Tumbarumba trail. It is wonderful to see States except for NSW steaming ahead with new rail trails. Its a great shame that the NSW Government and many local councils remain generally reluctant or even opposed to the re use of suspended rail lines as rail trails. One day they will wake up when they see how much bike enthusiasts from NSW spend in other States enjoying their rail trails.

Thank you Steve for your supportive comments about the rail trail situation in New South Wales.
While it is good to see the Northern Rivers rail trail under construction, the big opportunity continues to be the many disused railway lines closer to Sydney.
Your support is appreciated and please keep spreading the word!

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