Recreational Trail Management Class in Adelaide

The task of managing natural areas is almost always one of trying to meet diverse and sometimes conflicting values and expectations. National and state government policies and prescriptions provide a foundation from which managers then need to respond to community expectations particularly in relation to access.

Generally speaking, land managers have risen to the occasion using their best endeavours both to protect natural values as well as respond to community issues.

Certainly there have been significant challenges over the last couple of decades as the protected area estate has increased in response to a rising environmental awareness.

Horse SA has seen the public need to arrange this Master Class and will canvass these issues as they apply to recreational access and community engagement. To be facilitated by Dr Simon Cubit, the Master Class will start by considering contemporary definitions of cultural heritage and exploring the equity implications of the social dimension of triple bottom line reporting.

The class will explore current approaches to recreational planning and provision using case studies, with reference to national park and state forest areas and consider interface approaches with development planning and local government. Different responses to walkers, horse riders and mountain bikers will be considered

It will be held on Friday July 20th, 2007 at Ridley Hall, Adelaide Showground, South Australia.

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