Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail (Vic)

Three Community Jobs Programs have taken place on the rail trail since November 2001. Works on the trail have included:

  • Building of concrete bridge at bottom of Nimmins Bridge to allow safe crossing for horses over the Woady Yolloack River (Nimmins Bridge too high for safe horse crossing). Bridge has already been used by CFA fire trucks in recent fires.
  • Laying paths.
  • Insertion of bollards and new steel barriers to prevent car use.
  • Seven information boards along the trail.
  • Substantial repairs to the rail bridge at Linton.
  • Removal of of gorse and pine trees at Linton Station.
  • Building picnic tables for use along trail.
  • Building of wild life hide at Haddon.
  • Provision of a car park (for horse floats) at Haddon.
  • Fencing near Skipton.

An application has been made for another program which is it hoped will complete work on the trail. Works planned include further signage, bollards to prevent car access and a walkway.

Repairs are currently underway on Nimons Bridge near Newtown.

Nimons Bridge on the Ballarat to Skipton Trail. Photo credit: Mark Plummer

Coutesy Francis Day, Training Coordinator, Highlands Personnel


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