Declare your support for a Wagga Wagga Rail Trail today!

Wagga Wagga City Council has presented to the community, final route plans for the shared cycle path to Forest Hill, to be built by mid 2020 as part of their Active Travel Network.
This 10km section will ultimately become the first section of the Wagga Rail Trail.

The Wagga Rail Trail Committee have been very active in negotiating with Council officers over a long period, for the safest, most direct and convenient route to Forest Hill.

Unfortunately, the proposed alignment, to be voted on by Council in July, is a highly compromised route, designed foremost to appease objecting neighbours.
It is not the safest route, not the most direct route, not the most cost-effective route and definitely not designed to meet the needs of cyclists and other users.

That’s why we are calling upon all of you to declare your support for use of the rail corridor to Forest Hill by signing this petition and sharing it with others before it’s too late.

We need Member for Wagga Wagga, Dr Joe McGirr, the elected Councillors and the NSW Government to listen to our community, and open up access to this important piece of publicly owned land.

Don’t let them waste taxpayer funds on a second-rate trail. Do it once and do it properly!

Cycling advocacy group Bicycle Wagga Wagga have created this petition. Please sign it,share it and join the community support for gaining access to the rail corridor.


Rail Trails Australia also encourages rail trail supporters to directly contact Dr McGirr and the General Manager, Mr Peter Thompson, of the Wagga Wagga Council to express your support for the rail trail. There is room for a rail side trail in this corridor so no need to wait for legislation to create what would be a great asset . This could be similar to the Pioneer Rail Trail at Oberon.

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The rail corridor to Forest Hill has sat unused for more than three decades.

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