Murals at Woori Yallock Railway Station along the Warburton Trail (Vic)

Woori Community House (WCH) and community members have been working together to design and install a collection of photo panels at the former Woori Yallock Railway Station, along the Lilydale to Warburton Rail Trail.

Woori Yallock 1 news item
Woori Yallock murals

The Woori Mural Project was unveiled earlier this month and follows the concept of the exisiting murals at Warburton.

The project included installing a freestanding steam engine and tender with “carriage” frames of historical photos. The photo panels provide a public exhibition highlighting and celebrating the history and development of the district.

Rail Trails Australia congratulates the numerous people who have contributed to the project and is a wonderful addition to the rail trail. 

The project team are grateful for the information, contributions, invaluable insights, advice, photo submissions, discussions, ongoing support and financial contributions to ensure the success of this project.

(photos courtesy of the Woori Community House).

Woori Yallock 2 news item
Attendees admiring the murals

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