New Directions for Great Victorian Rail Trail

Access to the Great Victorian Rail Trail (GVRT) has just become easier with the installation of Tourist Attraction signs (white on brown background) at five sites within Mansfield Shire, in north east Victoria.

These signs are one of four major types used by visitors to find tourist attractions and services within Victoria. With some 17-access points along the length of the rail trail, lack of signage for visitors to access the rail trail has been a recurring issue raised by visitors.

They will also raise awareness of the rail trail for a significant number of people still not really aware of rail trails.

Mansfield Shire Council agreed to fund the initiative to install these Tourist-attracting signs along the Maroondah Highway following a budget submission by the ‘Friends of the Great Victorian Rail Trail’.

The new signage is at Pikes Road Mansfield, Maindample, Woodfield and Merton. The project also included replacement of the original rail trail bridge sign at Bonnie Doon to maintain consistent signage.

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Richard Plumb from ‘Friends of the GVRT, inspecting the new tourist attracting signage at Maindample. (Ross Vaughan)

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