NSW Standing Committee Recommends Government Support Rail Trails

A multi-party standing committee has recommended that the NSW state government allow rail trail development on disused governement rail corridors.

The report  titled ‘Tourism in local communities’ and its 25 recommendations are now with the Government for consideration. The Government is required to respond to the recommendations within six months.

Following submissions by Rail Trails Australia, local NSW rail trail groups and supporting groups, the report includes a section on rail trails and recommendation No. 20 “That the NSW Government allow disused rail corridors in New South Wales, or land immediately adjoining the rails that belong to the Government, to be developed into rail trails.

This is a significant step in support for finally allowing rail trail development in NSW.  It is inline with greater support from local government, particularly the Tumbarumba Shire Council which is supporting the development of the Tumbarumba – Rosweood Rail Trail following the recommendations of a 2006 Feasibility study and widespread community support.

The reports recommendation will also tie in well with the official launch of the Rail Trails for NSW campaign later this month, which will see many volunteer and local government proponents gather in Sydney.

The full report can be downloaded from the Committee’s site here.

Rail Trails Australia’s submission to the inquiry can be downloaded here (6MB in size)


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