Skipton rail trail flood damage fixed!


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4 comments on “Skipton rail trail flood damage fixed!”

This is good news albeit a bit late for me. I was riding this trail back on July 7 2023. I started too late and the last 10km was in the dark (I had lights on the bike). I was around 2-3km from Skipton when I went down because of a washout and seriously hurt myself. I'm fine now but not an experience I'd want to repeat. Having said this it is still a great ride.

This trail can also be WALKED or run in one day (I've done so many times). And provisions can also be bought from the Skipton supermarket by walkers and joggers, not just cyclists. Rail trails are not only for cyclists!

Hi, Just completed Ballarat/ Skipton trail over 3 days Nov/Dec picking up g/children from school in the afternoon before returning to Lara. Thoroughly enjoyed the ride and the country side. Trail all great, Thankyou

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