Spain gets into Rail Trails

The new edition in 2002 of the Official Map of Roads published in Spain by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, includes 60 Greenways (“Vias Verdes”). This is the result of the collaboration of the Spanish Railways Foundation, as coordinator of the Spanish Vias Verdes Programme at national level. The itineraries of these Vias Verdes included in the cartography, are not only in the map but also in the CD enclosed. The Vias Verdes are traced on green (with pictograms of cyclist, walker or horseman) explaining that are routes for non motorized users.

Also, the Official Map of Roads includes a Guide of Nature Spaces, Touristic Routes and Vias Verdes, including as well as, it is stated in the CD Rom, a basic information about these 60 itineraries, specifying the web page: for more detailed information.

The fact that the Ministry of Public Works and Transport has included the Spanish Vias Verdes in the Official Map of Roads as non-motorised infrastructure, at the same level of the rest of the traffic network, constitutes an excellent iniciative, pionneering among the surroundings countries. Without any doubt, the wide dissemination of this Map (120,000 units/year) will definetely contribute to be known by the citizens to enjoy accesible and safety routes.

On the other hand, it is suggested that the access to these itineraries be always through the public transport, preferably by railways, instead of using the private car. In this way, the promoting paper of the sustained mobility that the Vias Verdes play in our society will be optimised.


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