Warburton Trail: No Connection to Lilydale

The 38 km Warburton Trail is one of Victoria’s best developed and most popular railtrails. At the Lilydale end it currently starts at the top of a steep embankment on the Maroondah Highway. The railway once crossed the highway and curved gently down to Lilydale Station. Development of the last kilometre of the trail from the highway to the station has been stalled because the Mount Lilydale College occupies a short section of the alignment.

The Minister for Conservation, Sherryl Garbut has now notified the trail’s committee that the Government has decided not to allow construction of the trail on the original alignment into Lilydale and to confirm leasehold arrangements with the College for 10 years with an option for a further 10 years.

Without this link trail users wanting to reach the station will be forced either to negotiate busy and steep Maroondah Highway or deviate around the College boundaries which involves a very steep slope down from the railway alignment at the College fence.

The Friends of Warburton Trail and the Complete Our Rail Trails Association hold the view that the trail can be developed through the College without adverse effect either to the College’s security or to their access to property lying on both sides of the trail alignment.

A rally is being organised to protest this decision by Complete Our Rail Trails Association.

10.30am Sunday 19 November 2000 at Lilydale Station

A free lunch will be provided on the trail.

For more information contact Sally Gibson from CORT on (03) 9651 5799 or Arthur Francis from the Friends of the Warburton Trail on (03) 9725 7074. E-mail: joarth@redcentre.com .


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