Why doesn’t the menu appear on the left for the new news archive?

When adding a new menu item for the news archive, it was found that after selecting that menu item the menu iteself did not appear on that page. Neither did the guide book ad.

There are 2 modules that need to be edited: The Menu module and the Internal Ad – Guide book Module.

  1. Go to the Extensions -> Module Manager and pick the News module then choose the desired menus from the Menu Assignment list at the bottom left. In this case it was the Archive 2006 menu. This tells the module to appear on that page.
  2. Still in the Extensions -> Module Manager go to the next page and pick the Internal Left – Guide books module and choose the new menu from the Menu Assignment list at the bottom left.

This process must be repeated for each new page added to the website. Each module that you want to appear on the page must be configured to appear there.


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