Gippsland Plains RT – Further Support For 2012 Flood Recovery

Media Release (Continued): Mr Bull said Wellington Shire Council has been allocated $48,410 from the $2 million 2012 Flood Recovery Community Infrastructure Fund, to repair and restore damaged community facilities.

“This funding will support repairs to the Gippsland Plains Trail to allow it to be traversed in full between Stratford and McKinnons Roads in Heyfield.

The 2012 floods caused significant damage to the rail trail. Damage to the Boggy Creek ford alone meant that 7km of the trail is almost impossible to access, having dramatic impact on the numbers using this trail and adversely affecting local businesses, Mr Bull said.

Wellington Shire Council, Mayor, Cr Scott Rossetti says that this funding will help bring visitors back to the Rail Trail. “We are delighted that we can now conduct the necessary repairs to encourage people back to the trail. Soon we can make full use of this wonderful piece of community infrastructure once more.

“People enjoy using the rail trail; it is a high quality, accessible multi-use recreation facility used and loved by residents and tourists alike. There is no doubt that this funding will encourage numbers to return to the trail, whether on foot, bike or horseback” he said.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional and Rural Development Peter Ryan said four local councils would receive nearly $405,300 from the Victorian Government’s 2012 Flood Recovery Community Infrastructure Fund.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is pleased to support the re-establishment and replacement of flood-damaged assets important to these regional communities.

“We continue to work in close partnership with local councils to ensure that this funding brings about the best local outcomes as communities recover from the 2012 floods,” he said.


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