New rail trail for Bundaberg region

The Queensland State Government and Bundaberg Council have announced a project that will deliver a rail trail corridor connecting Bundaberg to Gin Gin, linking the existing Sharon Rail Trail and Watawa Trail.

The State Government and Bundaberg Regional Council would each contribute $9.5 million to build the first half of the 46-kilometre trail from Bundaberg to Gin Gin.  The 23-kilometre stretch will run from Bundaberg to Koolboo Road via Sharon.

Bundaberg Council sees the tourism opportunities that this trail would bring and it aligns with the state government funding, which generally requires dollar for dollar investment matching. Bundaberg is quite proactive in this space – there is also an amazing coastal trail as well (part on rail reserve). There are a lot of old cane rail lines that are also being considered.

For further detailed information on this exciting announcement, please see the following items:


Q17 056 Splitters Creek bridge 2019 1
Splitters Creek bridge will be a real feature of the first section (Bundaberg Regional Council)





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