More good news awards and accolades for the Northern Rivers Rail Trail


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4 comments on “More good news awards and accolades for the Northern Rivers Rail Trail”

Great news all round. Many of my friends on the Sunshine Coast have made the trek down with our bikes and one for one we have loved it! We are all avidly waiting for the next bit to be opened. We’ll make the trek again to NRRT and do it all over again meanwhile!

It was great to see Stephen Brown, RTA Northern Rivers rep. at his RTA info table at the Business Kingscliff event. An early start to what proved to be an unseasonably cold, wet and windy day, yet it was well attended and a worthwhile event.

"……the granting of a license to a private company Northern Rivers Rail Ltd to do a study of the rail corridor in the Byron Shire to bring back the train service."

NSW Gov will not put any $$$ into a boutique rail service, even if the so-called one-year 'study' presents a favourable case.

What a waste of time!

I agree Dennis. I suspect the 'licence' granted is the same any person can apply for to access a defunct NSW trail route. I cannot see how a train or light rail service limited to a single track corridor that's been out of service for almost 20 years with defunct stations, signalling, road level crossings and many degraded or missing viaducts and which will need to run to a constricted timetable and employ many people can compete with a 24×7, self-service shared user path, especially with the explosion in reliable and increasingly affordable e-boosting and easy bike hire.

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