Rail Trail Community Grants 2018-19 Update

RTA was delighted with the many applications for the Community Grants – demonstrating the enthusiasm of local communities for their trails.

Eight projects were funded for 2018-19, with some receiving funding for only part of their original proposal to enable RTA to fund as many projects as possible.

Rail trail Project
O’Keefe (Vic) Design of brochure to promote trail extension
Dookie (Vic) 2 historic signs.
Grand Ridge(Vic)
3 historic signs
Great Victorian (Vic)
Gazebo with signage for promotion at a range of events
High Country(Vic) Counter
Northern RIvers (NSW) Banner for promotion of proposed trail
Riesling Trail (SA)
1 historic sign (part of a larger signage suite)
North East (Tas)
Water tank (to be connected to toilet in due course)


More detail in the summer issue of Rail Trail Connections magazine about how the projects.

Refer to the application notice in August for more detail about the application criteria.


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