Batlow businesses rally in support of the Batlow to Tumut rail trail – fresh impetus for trail development

With the success of the nearby Tumbarumba to Rosewood rail trail in attracting tourists now clear, business owners and local stakeholders headed by the Batlow Development League gathered in Batlow on 17 June 2020 to promote the next steps in developing their long-awaited rail trail to Tumut.  Following that meeting, a petition in support of building the trail was circulated online and gained over 3000 signatures.

On 26 June, Snowy Valleys Council softened its previous opposition to the trail, and has requested funding from the State Government for further feasibility studies and community consultation. The Snowy Valleys Council also voted to put the Batlow-Tumut rail trail on the council’s priority list for bushfire recovery projects.

Rail Trails Australia supports local trail advocates in their view that the Batlow-Tumut rail trail would deliver many economic benefits to the region.

N34 406 Tumut 2016 02 5367
Start of the proposed rail trail at the old Tumut station

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