Fernleigh Track (NSW) Completion Celebrations

To celebrate the completion of the 16km Fernleigh Track from Adamstown to Belmont, near Newcastle, the City of Newcastle and Lake Macquarie City Council in conjunction with the Fernleigh Track Committee are holding a fun day on Saturday 2nd April 2011.

The event is being held at Liles Oval on Colishaw St, Redhead, between 10am and 2pm. This is approximately the middle of the trail. A plaque will be officially unveiled at 12pm.

Along with music there will be:

  • free rides
  • free face painting & temporary tattoos
  • trackless train
  • cricket and soccer clinics
  • bike chasing games
  • historical displays
  • food vendors
  • community stalls

The two councils with the support of the Fernleigh Track Committee received Federal Government funding for the completion of Stage 4 (Redhead to Jewells Station) and Stage 5 (Jewells Station to Belmont Station) in 2009. This celebration culminates nearly 10 years of work to open this fabulous rail trail.

See also our Fernleigh Track Rail Trail Description.


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