Funding boost for Queensland’s Rail Trails

Q02-161 Fernvale 2012-01 1013 crop
The Brisbane Valley Rail Trail is one existing rail trail that should benefit from the funding. It is still in two parts and stops here at Fernvale instead of connecting with Ipswich

The Queensland Government has announced a $3.5 Million Recreation Rail Trail Fund in the 2014 Budget.

This funding is available through to 2018, and is available for current rail trails maintence and future development of these trails.  New rail trail proposals will also be considered.

Funds can only be applied for by local government.

This is a positive step by the Queensland Government for the future of rail trails in Queensland and Rail Trails Australia congratulates the Government for making these funds avaiable for rail trails in QLD.

Rail Trails Australia believes the priority for the funding should be improving and extending existing rail trails to allow wider use by the community and greater use of these existing assets.

For more information regarding these funds click HERE


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