Funding for Ballarat to Skipton Rail Trail Improvements

Golden Plains Shire Council has secured a $500,000 grant from the Victorian Government’s Regional Infrastructure Fund to deliver the Three Trails Project.

The Three Trails Project will improve and upgrade three significant multi-use trails: Ballarat–Skipton Rail Trail, Kuruc a Ruc Trail and Rainbow Bird Trail.

This includes improvement of the current trail infrastructure, as well as design and installation of new supportive infrastructure such as signage, shelters, seating, etc.

In addition, the Three Trails Project also involves the promotion of the trails to attract new visitors and regional residents, increasing the usage of these picturesque trails.

For more details, please the Golden Plains Shire media release.

V60 407 Skipton to Pittong 2009 07 013
Cycling along the trail from Skipton to Pittong

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